Why 76 Horsepower?

Most of my life, I have really liked cars. Actually, my tastes are more broad than that. I like just about anything on four wheels. Having grown up on a working farm, the first vehicles I drove were tractors, and I still have a special place in my heart for them. But nowadays my focus is more on sports cars. And I mean “sports car” in the classic sense. I stand by the old British definition of a sports car as “a two-seater, usually open, which, in a pinch, can be raced.” I also particularly like the advice of another Brit, the late Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars: “Simplicate, then add lightness.”

I bought my first car in the fall of 1991. It was a 1986 Honda CRX — with a full 76 horsepower. And, in it’s day, it was one of the best sports cars money could buy. You see, when Honda created the CRX, they took a page out of Colin Chapman’s book. The CRX didn’t have power windows, locks, seats or even steering. It didn’t have a sunroof. It didn’t have air conditioning. Heck, it didn’t even have a back seat. And that was okay with me. I wanted a car that would do one thing: get me from point A to point B – and be highly entertaining in the process. And Honda, by sticking to the simplest approach, which made the car very light, hit a home run. Given a twisty enough road, those early CRXs would run with just about any car on the planet.

Over the years, my tastes in cars have gone back and forth. It seems that every few years I get the itch for a GT car. After having driven one for a while, I go the other direction and want something with more sporting intentions. But the one thing that I haven’t strayed from is my desire for simplicity. And I’ve learned something else. Life works better when simplified, too.

I am a conservative Christian and a single father of two wonderful young children, Elnora Wren and Emmitt Charles. I play the role of Web Developer for a large advertising agency each weekday, and I like to tinker in my yard, garden or garage on the weekends. I expect that, over time, this blog will cover quite a few topics. But I hope that, as you read through my stories, ideas, thoughts and the like, you might see a thread of commonality between many of them. Don’t look too hard, because it may not always be there. But if I take my own advice, the one thing you should see is, quite simply, simplicity.