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I think an interesting way of looking at the church is that every person is a type of tool to be used by Christ. Each tool was made with a specific purpose in mind, and each is best at one particular thing. But we can’t pigeon-hole ourselves into doing only the things we’re good at, [...]

I couldn’t possibly say this any better than Bill Watterson.

In preparing for my lesson this week, I read the following: “A lot of times the best way to know how to care for someone else is to think about what makes us feel cared for.” I used to believe that. In fact, I lived my life that way. But my divorce taught me that’s [...]

Five years ago, I loved my wife more than any other person, and I valued her more than anything else the Lord had by His grace given me. But she couldn’t see it. To this day I spend far too much time in the shower thinking about what I could have done different to prove [...]

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