In preparing for my lesson this week, I read the following: “A lot of times the best way to know how to care for someone else is to think about what makes us feel cared for.” I used to believe that. In fact, I lived my life that way. But my divorce taught me that’s [...]

Five years ago, I loved my wife more than any other person, and I valued her more than anything else the Lord had by His grace given me. But she couldn’t see it. To this day I spend far too much time in the shower thinking about what I could have done different to prove [...]


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With the exception of Biblical references, I normally don’t post other’s quotes. But this rang so true that I had to do it. “When a wife feels unloved, it can be such a shock to her heart that she is oblivious to her disrespectful reactions toward her husband, though any man watching could see plainly. [...]

Sunday school lesson notes 2/9/2013 1st and 2nd grades Have any of you ever been treated unfairly? What did it feel like? What did you feel like doing about it? We’ve all faced situations in our lives that aren’t fair. It’s something that’s common to every man, woman and child. But what’s not so common is the way [...]