Hopes and Dreams

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Something I’ve learned over the course of my life is that everyone has his or her own way that they commune with God. Some people do so via playing music. Others paint. Some people pray while reading the Word. Me? There’s no place where I hear God more clearly than when I’m outside under the [...]

Sunday school lesson notes 1/26/2013 1st and 2nd grades “In this world ¬†you will have trouble.” Jesus said this to his disciples in John 16:33. Not everything we do is easy. In fact, some of the things that we have to do are really hard. Over the last few weeks, you’ve talked about some folks [...]


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It has now been over four years since my divorce. A lot has happened. And a lot hasn’t happened. I am largely healed from the wounds inflicted upon me, though I am still ambushed by grief (a term only those who have gone through an unwanted divorce truly understand) more often than I’d like. And [...]