Annoyed Parents

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I know a lot of people who take to social media to complain about their children. God knows I complain about a lot of things too. But one thing I don’t complain about is my children. The trick is learning to look at the alternative. Just because I don’t see my children as often as I’d like doesn’t mean that they don’t get on my nerves sometimes. Trust me, I understand. I have amazing children, but they’re not perfect. And neither am I. But every time my children wake me up early in the morning, every time they break something or make a huge mess because they disobeyed me, every time they won’t stop yelling when I have a headache, every time they’re simply uncooperative, I just remember the alternative: and that is for my children to not be here at all. I would gladly be an annoyed parent any day of the week as opposed to being childless. Having children is an almost unbelievable blessing. Don’t ever forget that.



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  1. Dennis on September 3rd, 2012 8:10 pm

    Although being child-free (or childless, if you insist) can be a blessing, too. The Apostle Paul might agree. :)

  2. glaycock on September 3rd, 2012 11:10 pm

    Actually, the Apostle Paul doesn’t mention children. What he DOES say is that it’s a good thing to be unmarried. His reasoning is that it makes one more available to do the Lord’s work. And while I don’t necessarily like that fact, it’s absolutely true.

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