Labor Day is an odd holiday for me. When I was married, I did the typical American thing and participated in a family gathering that took place every year in northeastern Ohio. But those days have long passed, so I’m left with a long weekend with little to do. And this past year, that was [...]

Annoyed Parents

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I know a lot of people who take to social media to complain about their children. God knows I complain about a lot of things too. But one thing I don’t complain about is my children. The trick is learning to look at the alternative. Just because I don’t see my children as often as [...]


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My children just started school this past week. My daughter is now in second grade and my son is in first grade. Something I’ve noticed is how different school is nowadays than when I was my children’s age. Even the school supplies are different. When I was in elementary school, one’s supplies consisted of a [...]

Blue Moon

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Last summer, my young children were moved 185 miles and 2 states away from me. It was difficult for everyone involved. So as I prepared to take my children to Pennsylvania one Sunday, I talked to my daughter about the moon. I told her that, when I got back home to Ohio, I’d look up [...]