Santa Claus

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Imagine for a minute that there was a man who adored George Washington. Every year on the anniversary of Washington’s birth, this man would use the freedoms that Washington fought to give him in order to give to others. Now imagine that this man dies. Years later, the stories of his kindness become twisted to include magic and strange traditions. Worse, the reason he did these things is completely forgotten. And the greatest tragedy is that every year on Washington’s birthday, the people honor the man rather than Washington, the one the man adored. The sad part is that if you transfer this to Christmas, you have the true story of Jesus and Saint Nicholas. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

While my children were still infants, my children’s mom and I decided we wouldn’t honor Santa Claus in our house, but we’d instead teach our children the real story of Santa Claus. Both my children know that Saint Nicholas was a good man who loved Jesus and who gave much to the poor, but who died many years ago. It’s not taken one bit of joy out of their Christmas season. Perhaps the opposite, in fact. For each Christmas, we each get to be Santa Claus as we follow and worship Jesus.



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  1. Deborah on December 24th, 2012 4:02 pm

    Beautiful! you should write more often :)

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