Awesome God

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Since the very first time I rocked my daughter to sleep as a baby, I have sung to my children. Though I’ve actually spent more time singing to my son over the past three years, my daughter is now old enough to sing with me. And so nearly a year ago now, I decided that rather than just sing to her, I’d begin teaching her certain songs.

One of the choruses that I taught to my daughter months ago is Awesome God. A perennial favorite around the campfire, Elnora took a liking to the song immediately. It was the second song that I taught her that she could sing by herself (after Amazing Grace). But until tonight, she had never actually heard Rich Mullins sing it.

Several months ago, I somehow ended up with a Rich Mullins CD. I’m pretty sure it belongs to my former wife, but she apparently no longer wants it. At any rate, for quite a while now, I’ve wanted to take this with me on my drive to Canton. And yet week after week, I’d forgotten it. And honestly, that was okay. Though the drive to Canton always ends in pain, the trip north is generally filled with the laughter of my children as we tell stories, play games and sing silly songs. But on the way out the door today, I actually remembered to grab a couple of discs. And the old Rich Mullins CD was one of them.

Early into our drive today, I told my daughter that I had a CD which had Awesome God on it. She was so excited and wanted to hear it immediately. But the CD changer in my old car is finicky, and today it initially decided not to power up. I fiddled with it periodically during the course of our two-hour trip and, finally, about 15 minutes from our destination, the CD changer came to life. When I asked my daughter if she wanted to hear Awesome God, her response could very well have been to the question, “Do you want to ride the merry-go-round?” “Yes!” she shouted. She was ecstatic.

So I went to track number two and turned up the volume.  After hearing Awesome God for the first time, Elnora exclaimed, “Jesus must LOVE this!” I don’t think I’ve ever smiled as big as I did that moment.

We played the song over and over the remainder of our trip. After a couple of times, Elnora began singing along with the CD. Each time the song would end, she’d say, “Again!” And I was happy to oblige.

Many things are not as they should be. My life took an unexpected turn a year ago when my wife left me and moved my children to a distant city. But each and every day – whether I am able to spend time with them or not – I’m reminded how much of a blessing my children still are to me. And through experiences like I had with them today, God continues to assure me they will someday bless many others as well.

Our God is an awesome God.
He reigns from heaven above
with wisdom, power and love.
Our God is an awesome God!



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  1. Juline on November 23rd, 2009 12:14 pm

    I agree. Many things are not as I would like either. Rather than wave bandaids randomly in your vicinity or hawk tips as if my two separations made me an expert, I’d rather sit down next to you and keep you company.

    Our God does that. He is with you. You have my email now. If having someone to converse with would bless you, you are welcome to use it. You are definitely not alone.


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