Curious George

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I have had something of a renewed interest in my work lately. I have worked as a web developer for over 9 years now. Over that time span, the web has changed considerably. While my basic job has remained the same, the way in which I complete my tasks has changed often as new technologies have arisen and others have become popular. I remember being extremely excited the first time I created an administration tool from scratch (with text files and classic ASP, no less). Similarly, I was stoked for what seemed like years once I discovered the power and flexibility of cascading style sheets. And recently, I’ve become enamored with jQuery. The JavaScript framework makes tedious tasks fun. And for the first time in years, I plan to do some serious off-line reading about a web technology.

I work in one of the greatest locations in Columbus: the Easton Town Center. Even so, I rarely stick around after work to enjoy the sites, sounds and smells. But a mixer with a client tonight kept me around. So once I’d decided that I had felt awkward at Martini Park long enough (I don’t drink), I headed over to Barnes and Noble. My goal? I planned to purchase a jQuery book. I had little money to spend, but I figured I could afford one book. After a short search, I came across the exact jQuery book I was looking for. Fast forward a half hour. I left the store with a book in hand. But not the jQuery book. A Curious George book for my children.

I am genuinely blessed to work with great folks at a great company. On more days than not, I really enjoy what I do. And because of that, I’ve gotten darn good at it. I sometimes wonder how it is that I get paid to do something that is actually fun. I tell you this not to brag about my job, but to explain to you just how important my family is to me. You see, no matter how much I enjoy something or how important it may seem at the time, it absolutely pales in comparison to my children.

I will buy the jQuery book some day, probably sooner than later. And with it I hope to improve my skill set and advance my career. But as important as that is, I have another, far more important job to do. And that is to be a father to my children.

Curious George trumps jQuery.



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  1. Steve Horn on June 25th, 2009 8:02 am

    I’m a fan of this book:

    In the meantime, I hope you enjoy curious George :)

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