I heard an advertisement on TV earlier this afternoon while I was trying to nap. LOST is celebrating it’s 100th episode. I’ve not watched but 2 episodes this season, but I’m ashamed to say that I’ve seen every other episode…some of them twice. And that’s almost 100 hours (!) of my life that I won’t [...]


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Today was a very stressful day. What would have already been a challenging day was made doubly bad when I was unable to convince a friend of my good intentions. As I pondered the day’s events this evening, a thought came to mind. I think that God is preparing me for something that I am [...]

Sad Quote

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My children were playing with a toy dumptruck yesterday. My daughter put a toy man in the bed of the dumptruck and a toy woman in the cab. Then she said, “The mommy doesn’t want the daddy anymore so she’s going to dump him in the river where he’ll sink.”

Heal Me

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There are many references in the Bible to individuals having certain truths hidden from them. Jesus’ disciples seem to have been particularly dense in that Jesus’ teachings about himself – clear as a bell in scripture – were muddy waters to them. I have myself experienced times when my mind was closed to certain scriptures. [...]