When my wife and I bought our last house, I was leery. It was a beautiful house on a fantastic street, but it was over our budget and had several issues. And it was lacking two things on my “must have” list. But my wife was convinced it was where God wanted us to live. […]


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This past weekend, the Vineyard Church of Delaware County held a men’s retreat. The retreat was entitled Courage. While I was unable to attend the full conference, I was there for several hours on Friday night. And it was the most powerful time I’ve ever spent with Christian brothers. I went to the conference anticipating […]


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It’s incredible how God works things out sometimes. Last night, I was looking at three bags of sand in my garage and wondering what to do with them. They were there when I moved in and they’re really in the way. This morning I was offered a free sandbox for my kids. Awesome.

Last Hurrah

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I have not yet sold my Miata. Bills are pilingĀ up. I need to sell the car. So I got serious last night and posted it on Autotrader. It was easy. It’s not the first car I’ve posted there, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It didn’t bother me in the least. But then […]

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