I heard something interesting tonight at my support group. “Anger is just a watchman that tells you when something is wrong (or is perceived to be wrong). Sending anger out as a negotiator is never good.” I never thought I had a problem with anger. When it comes to most things, I have a very long [...]

Heard this weekend during the message at church: “Jesus really liked people who were nothing like him. And people who were nothing like Jesus really liked him.” “Do you really like people who are nothing like you? And do people who are nothing like you really like you?” “Jesus – one who was nothing like [...]


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I spanked my son for the first time this past week. I had smacked his hand or given him a quick swat before if he was doing something dangerous. But I had never really spanked him. And I can honestly say it was one of the most horrible things I’ve ever had to do in [...]

Heard tonight at my Vineyard men’s group: “Satan can only play on your past. He doesn’t know your future; he only knows his. And he wants you to join him.”

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