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I am broken. In truth, we are all broken – more than we know. But I feel at this moment that I am broken more than most. And I have been for some time. It is why I have made many of the poor decisions that have brought me to where I am today. God [...]

The past weeks have been particularly trying for me. God is continuing to teach me things day by day. And some days have been incredibly good – even better than a good day outside of my current trial. But few days have passed when I have not spent at least some time in mourning. In [...]


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When I began this blog, my intent was to teach developers how to improve their skills in website building. I am quite good at this, have many years of experience, and have been told time and again that I may be one of the best in the industry. So it only made sense that I [...]


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I am not typically a confident person. It is one of my greatest character flaws, as many others stem from it. And it is an area of my life where God is working. I have great value in God’s eyes. Even though I have been a follower of Christ for years, I am still only [...]

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